Our Philosophy of Breeding

“We believe that puppies or dogs should never be raised in a kennel, but in the warm home of a loving family”

Dogs are social animals that adore their families and want to be with them, involved in their daily lives and participating as loved family members. By placing them in a home environment that will be their forever home from the time they are puppies, or by placing as a young adult, we are doing our best to ensure their happiness and best start in life.

Is the Guardian Program right for you?

Thank you for your interest in about our guardian home process. Our guardian homes are either families who can not afford to purchase a quality Havanese, want the experience of raising pups for their family without the lifetime commitment to the pups they produce, or simply like the idea of how our programs works and wanted to be a part of it with us.

With the Guardian Program the family only pays for normal vet care when a dog is placed with them. In essence, you get a top quality Havanese free and all you invest is a little time for bringing the dog to us or arranging to have the dog picked up when we need it for testing or breeding or whelping, an average of 3 litters. At the end of the Guardian program, the dog belongs 100% to the Guardian Family.

Some questions we are asked about our Guardian Program

How can I participate in your Guardian Program?

To participate in our Guardian Program you must live within a 1 hour drive from Miami.

Also, please note that we are very selective and only highly qualified families will be approved to foster our dogs. After reviewing the application, we will set up a telephone interview and will conduct a home visit. Our breeding program depends on the quality of care provided by our guardian families – we expect the best home life possible for our dogs.

What age do you start breeding the dog?

We will usually breed females on their second heat, which usually starts between 12 and 18 months typically. We usually do not breed males until over 12 months old.

How long is our Guardian Pet with you when you breed?

As soon as the family is aware the dog is in heat in a cycle she will be bred, we will have them arrange to have her here or pick her up by about day 5 – 7 of the heat cycle. She will remain with us for about one week and then return home.
A male dog will be in our home about 3 days for a mating.

How long is a female pregnant?

Dogs are pregnant for 63 days give or take 4 days.

How long do you wait between breedings?

We are flexible about when breedings are done. If you want to plan a summer vacation while your dog is with us raising her pups, we are fine with that. If the timing works better for you during the winter we are agreeable to that. The dogs generally cycle every 6 months. As long as your dog is healthy and up to having a litter we are very flexible as to when the breeding will be done but don’t want to wait more than a year between breedings unless there is a medical reason to do so. She will not be bred before 12 months of after 6 six years. Most females average 3 litters.

What happens when she is ready to have her puppies?

You can whelp and raise the pups at your house or you can bring your girl to us and we will whelp and raise the pups. We don’t make you make this decision till just before your girl is due. Many choose to raise the pups at their house because they want the experience of raising pups. It is a lot of work but very rewarding. We will give you all the information you need.

Alternatively, you can bring your girl to us a week before she is due so she can settle in. We will whelp and raise the pups and mom will come back home when the pups are 8 weeks old. Most families do chose for us to whelp and raise the pups.

Can we visit her when she has the puppies if she is at your house?

You and your family are welcome to visit. No other visitors are allowed due to the risk of bringing in a lethal virus (Parvo) to the pup. The mom usually is VERY focused on her babies the first two weeks after she has her pups. Usually by the time puppies are two weeks old the mom is ready for little breaks from the puppies and enjoys seeing her family much more than earlier in the process. She is settled into being a mom and things are much happier for all involved during the visit. We ask that you try to decrease the odds of bringing in a fatal virus by bringing in freshly washed sneakers putting them on at our front door. We will ask for you to wash your hands before handing pups.

What expenses do we pay for and what things does the breeder pay for?

The guardian home pays for any normal care items for the dog: Food, dishes, leashes, beds, normal vaccination or deworming, toys, etc.

We pay for all expenses related to health testing for breeding purposes, all breeding expenses and litter expenses.

How many litters do you usually breed before retiring the dog?

We contract for up to 4 litters, but a female averages 3 litters in our program. If the puppies are exceptional quality there could be 4 litters.

Who pays for the spay/neuter surgery?

We do. This is usually about 2 months after her last litter of puppies is weaned or for male dogs on or before their sixth birthday (usually before).

What happens if the dog doesn’t pass a health test like you want them to for becoming a breeding dog?

Our standards are very high. Remember, that breeding quality and pet quality are two different things. Just because a dog may not be the best breeding candidate doesn’t mean she/he isn’t the perfect pet. Your dog can pass all the tests and we still may decide to remove it from the guardian program. We aren’t bashful about removing dogs from our program. If we release your dog from the breeding program, we will spay/neuter your dog and you will still have gotten a quality Havanese for only the normal costs of having a pet.

Can I have a male guardian dog?

Yes you can. Male guardian dogs are usually used for breeding after 12-18 months. We ask that you make your dog available for breeding. Most of our guardian boys aren’t used for breeding very often. Most of the time the dogs will need to be with us less than 24 hours each time we pick him up.

Where can I board my guardian dog?

If you ever need boarding we would love the opportunity to watch your dog as long it fits in with our family schedule. Otherwise you would board your dog as you would any pet when you vacation. It is always great to have the opportunity to play with one of the dogs we produced. We love the additional opportunity to interact with the dog and family.

We are so thankful for our caring and loving guardian families and are always in need of others interested in the Guardian Program so that we can continue the successful way our breeding program works without needing to kennel raise a dog.

Our Guardian Program Puppies


Rey de Jakku “Rey”

Rey is a beautiful and very happy chocolate female Havanese. She is a completely adorable girl full of energy and sweetness with the most charming personality. Rey never gets tired and is always looking for you to give you kisses. She has been raised in our home..

  • HEIGHT: 8 inches
  • WEIGHT: 6 lbs.
  • COLOR: Chocolate Sable
  • DOB: 12/24/2017



Samanta Luz de Luna “Sammy”

Sammy is a sweet little female Havanese. She loves to play with her favorite toys and can play all day. She is very well socialized and will make a great family companion. She is a gorgeous and sweet female pup that wants to light up your life. She has been raised in our home.

  • HEIGHT: 8 inches
  • WEIGHT: 6 lbs.
  • COLOR: Tan, Black and White Sable
  • DOB: 12/24/2017


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