We are Havanese Family

We are breeder family based in Miami, FL. We only have family litters, our breeding dogs are more than pets, they are family members. Some of our breeding dogs  live with relatives and friends under our Guardian Program.

We are a family in love with the Havanese for their personality and intelligence. They are the perfect companion for any age, their happines and love is contagious and illuminate your house. They always will be the center of attention in any place.

We only have a limited number of litters per year, if you are interested in one of our Havanese puppies, get in contact with us.

Why Havanese?

The havanese is an active, intelligent, happy and trainable dog. This breed is ideal for the family that wants a small dog that can be content with frequent walks and games of fetch. They do not shed and are hypoallergenic. The Havanese colors are as diverse as the colors in the rainbow

If you are looking for your perfect pet companion you may have researched many breeds. For us the Havanese is the best breed. 

Some of Our Previous Adorable Havanese Puppies

These little ones are already grownups and live happy with their families.

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